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Lise Nymark is a visual artist based in Nesodden and Stord, Norway.  Art photography has become the medium for her visual contribution to issues in the area of social relationships and spatial awareness. 

In 2022 she started a PhD fellowship in art education at Western Norway University of applied sciences. She studied for her MA at the University of South-East Norway (2016), Special Needs Education at UiO (2008) and her BA at Oslo Met (1998). In 2019 she completed her studies at BilderNordic, School of photography in Oslo. 


Drawing on experiences from recent artistic studies Nymark has further developed this work to include photographic considerations of how the surroundings affect us. Nymark is pondering the questions of human presence in physical and fictional spaces and is immersed in projects that investigates the edge between different realities. In ongoing projects Nymark investigates human interactions in relation to each other, and with various spatial surroundings. Traditional stories of belief, superstition and mythology inspires her visual work of abstract and philosophical considerations and questions the importance of different realities, and real truths. She is pondering questions of our physical existence, using the aesthetic to guide the viewer into reflections of how reality and fiction appear together as a cohesive whole. 

Alongside her practice, Nymark is strongly engaged with cultural activities for teenagers and about the youngsters’ opportunities to develop cultural identity. As a lecturer in photography, arts and crafts she works with young student’s cultural expressions and cooperate with the local fine art association to set up and curate exhibitions in collaboration with the youths.  


2022                      Cyanotypi, Oslo Fotokunstskole

2021 - 2022         Printworkshops, Kunstnernes hus/Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

2021 & 2022        Photopolymer I&II, NGV, Norske Grafikeres verksted  

2019 - 2020         Mentorprogram, BilderNordic

2018 - 2019          Photo I, Bilder Nordic

2013 - 2017           MA, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge

2010 - 2011           Special Needs Ed., Universitetet i Oslo

1995 - 1998           BA, Høyskolen i Oslo (OsloMet)


Artists exhibition, Nesoddparken

Turnus, Tunet Galleri

Turnus, Fru Johnsen

Stillstand, Khalayli og Nymark, Tunet Galleri

Immersed, TT Studio

NINE, Cyan Studio (postponed due to Covid-19)

Art for Earth, collaboration w/students, Galleri Vanntårnet

En reise inn i ungdomshjernen, w/students, Galleri Vanntårnet

Unge Blikk, w/students, Galleri Vanntårnet

Place Identity, master exhibition, Store Galleri, USN Notodden

Masker er KULTur, w/students, Tangenten

Masker er KULTur, w/students, Tangenten

MK II, Vågå Hotel

MK I, Vågå Hotel

Dollhouse, Group Exhibition, Nesoddhuset

Artist Residencies

Hvítahús, Iceland.

Kunstnerhuset Lofoten, Norway.

​SÍM recidency, Iceland.

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